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Hammonds Construction Staff

Additional Staff

In addition to our office and field staff shown above, the HCI crew averages 25 at any given time. Late spring through fall is the busiest building season; however, construction crews continue to work through the rain and snow of winter. The crews are divided by specialty and expertise; composed of a framing crew,finish-work carpenters, timber craftsmen, a concrete crew, remodeling specialists, a painting crew, and maintenance/customer care.

Dave Hammonds

dave hammonds president
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"As President of Hammonds Construction, Inc., I have overseen my company doing major construction jobs for federal, state, and local governments, as well as large commercial and industrial projects of great importance and cost. And, of course, I can't leave out the custom homes for individual homeowners. A family's home is their castle. If they're going to the expense of building a home, they deserve it to be everything they ever dreamed it could be—and if we can help it, even more. In this rapidly-changing world, there should be at least one place where people feel completely at ease, happy, and fulfilled-and that's in their own home. With every project we take on, our job is to build with the highest degree of craftsmanship and the most quality features which add the greatest quality to the client's life; and to do it in an intelligent, cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative way. Thank you for allowing us to share our story with you."

Building has been a Hammonds Family tradition for six generations. From the time David was 7 years old, he often could be found at the side of his father, Harold Hammonds, a California builder and cabinet-maker. As David grew up, he spent afternoons, weekends, and summers working with his dad, and at 17 became a General Contractor.

David began California State Polytechnic University while continuing to work with his father. After nearly four years, David decided his future was in construction and left school to work full-time with his dad. In 1978, David moved his family to Southern Oregon and started David Hammonds Construction; which became incorporated in 1985. Today, Hammonds Construction, Inc. is one of Southern Oregon's premiere construction companies.

David, and his wife Karen, have two daughters, Lori and Kelly, and one son, Matt. Both Lori and Kelly have worked part-time in the Hammonds office; and each of their husbands currently work with Hammonds Construction. Matt began working for the company as a teenager, and continues today.

David and Karen also have four grandchildren, each of which they love to spend time with.

Karen Hammonds

Design Coordinator
karen hammonds design coordinator
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Karen has worked side-by-side with her husband, David, for over 30 years; she has ranged from his only secretary to a manager of seven office employees. She completed two years of college and has a strong business background.

She enjoys working alongside her husband and is never more pleased than when a client/customer is happy with a completed job and praises the company's hard work.

Karen and David are proud parents who have raised three children to adulthood. When their children were young, Karen was able to stay at home and dedicate herself to being a full-time mom. Now a proud grandparent, Karen enjoys spending as much time as she can with each of her four grandchildren

Matt Hammonds

Project Manager & LEED Accredited Professional
project manager matt hammonds
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Primary Duties: LEED Consulting; Project Research; Project Proposals; Advertising Consultant

Matt began working for Hammonds Construction in the summer of 2000. Since he was still in high school, and education is a priority in the Hammonds family, Matt only worked during summers. He began his career with Hammonds Construction as a laborer. Matt worked his way up to carpenter by summer of 2003. During the summer of 2004, Matt began working in the office rather than the field, and he hasn't looked back since.

Matt is the youngest of the three Hammonds children and in 2008 he graduated from Oregon State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and a minor in Economics. Additionally, Matt was married in the spring of 2008.

leed Matt is the forerunner of turning Hammonds Construction into a "Green" company. He has implemented the Going Green initiative and has his certification as a LEED Accredited Professional. Matt looks forward to continued work with his father and will someday take over the company

Rachelle Driskell

Account Manager
account manager rachelle driskell
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Primary Duties: Accounts Payable; Account Receivable; Account Relations; Certified Notary Public

Rachellehas been with Hammonds Construction since October of 2000.

She has 13 years office experience prior to finding her niche with this company.

She is happily married and has a precious little girl, Katelyn. Rachelle enjoys spending time with her family and friends, when she's not working. She is a friendly and caring person who takes pride in everything she does.

Steve Kammerzell

Project Manager & Estimator
project manager steve kammerzell
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Primary Duties: Sales; New Client Research; Project Estimates and Proposals

Steve began in construction in 1995 as a laborer and worked his way up for several years. At the age of 23, he became a licensed contractor and successfully ran his own construction company for nearly 10 years.

In 2009, Steve joined the Hammonds Construction team as the Sales Manager.

In 1995 Steve was married to Lori Hammonds, oldest daughter of David and Karen.

Steve and Lori have two children, Christian and Cassidi. Christian is highly involved in sports year-round and Cassidi is a gifted dancer; the two keep their parents quite busy.

Shantel Kasper

Marketing Manager & Project Coordinator
marketing manager project coordinator shantel kasper
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Primary Duties: Advertising; Graphic Design, Website Design & Maintenance, Project & Market Research; Customer/Client & Accounts Relations; Report & Contract Composition

Shantel is the newest member of the Hammonds Construction family. She moved her family to the Rogue Valley in 2010 in pursuit of a higher education. She graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts and a minor in Business Administration.

Shantel keeps herself busy outside of work as a freelance designer and spending time with her two amazing daughters Tiona & Isabel.

Shantel's creativity and positive attitude are a great new addition to our team.

Ed Wilkinson

Project Superintendent
project superintendent ed wilkinson
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Primary Duties: Schedule & Manage Building Projects; Employee Management; Quality Control; Maintain Customer Care

Ed joined the Hammonds Construction team in May of 2000. He became a contractor at the age of 19 and has been building ever since. His computer skills include knowledge of CAD programs as well as Project Management Software.

Ed is happily married and a father of five. He loves having a large family, as he is one of ten children.

Ed also enjoys creating beautiful environments through landscaping, gardening, and home design.

Jack Cook

Project Foreman
project foreman jack cook
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Primary Duties: Staff Coordination; OSHA Compliance; Safety Coordinator; Material Management

Jack began working for Hammonds Construction in the fall of 1999, shortly after he graduated high school.

At the age of 19, he became a licensed contractor. Jack has experience in nearly all phases of construction.

Jack is happily married to Kelly Hammonds, second daughter of David and Karen.

Jack and Kelly are parents to two rambunctious little boys, Zackary and Austin.

Jim Rahenkamp

Computer Design Manager
computer design manager jim rahenkamp
email jim rahenkamp
Primary Duties: Design Residential, Commercial, and Light Industrial Buildings; Coordinate Design with Engineers

Jim began working with David Hammonds in 1980, shortly after moving to Oregon. He has been involved in construction since 1964 and received his California Contractors license at age 25.

In the early 1990s, Jim began designing and has been doing it ever since. With 3 years of college, he has become a Computer Software Analyst and has received 8 certificates in Computer-Aided Drafting.

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